Grammar (selective) Schools

Grammar school students do very well in academic subjects and a high number of pupils go on to attend leading universities. Since 1998 it has been illegal to open new grammar schools. We don’t believe that the opportunity to open new good schools should be banned.

We want to change the rules to allow new grammar schools to open where you want them, whilst setting strict conditions to make sure new grammars improve the education of pupils in other parts of the school system.

We want to end the grammar school ban, and ensure these schools support children, regardless of their background.

This is not a return to the old grammar system. Our new changes would see:

  • opportunities to join selective schools at 14 and 16, as well as 11, recognising that children develop at different times in their lives
  • a proportion of pupils taken from lower income households
  • additional, new, non-grammar schools, and support to improve existing underperforming schools
  • “feeder” primary schools created in lower income areas

To create a country that works for everyone we must give every child the chance to go as far as their talents will take them.


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